Hi, I'm Remon.

And I'd love to be part of your Game Development team! I'm driven by passion for the Game Development industry and would love work with your team today to turn ideas into reality.

April 2018 - PRESENT
Lead Game Developer
Genesis Creations
February 2021 - PRESENT
Game Development Instructor
November 2021 - PRESENT
Software Development Consultant
December 2015 - September 2016
Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist


“Having worked with Remon closely in the Covid year which is critical in the life cycle of almost all startups, I can honestly and boldly say he’s been more than an employee. He was a partner. Remon is smart, fast, super invested, and super hard working. You would just share about a new project or a new idea, and he would get fired up and start working. He’s honest and doing great at communication with superiors and team mates. I can almost guarantee that if you put this man on a project that he’s passionate about, you will absolutely be amazed of how he will tie your expectations to a rocket and fire it to space. He’s an Avenger when it comes to hiccups or road blocks.”

Bassem William
CEO - Genesis Creations

“Remon was always focused on his progress, he has a tremendous amount of energy while working, he works with passion and mind, when we have an impossible task, we always knew he would deliver. He is always learning new skills and always improving. During my time with Remon, he has always been professional, brilliant and a fantastic team leader , and most importantly a one man team.”

Assem El-Mansi
CTO - Genesis Creations

Contact details

Feel free to contact me through my email [email protected], or my cell number +20 (109) 095 9980. You can alternatively also use the form below.